How to add new members in a chatroom

3 min readJul 5, 2021


One of the issues when it comes to community management is the user management itself. But with Ensemble this is piece of cake!

The way to do it is using roles, permissions, invitations, private chatrooms and more!

So let’s say that you have some public chatrooms but you want to upscale some users and give them access to one or more private chatrooms. Is it possible? Yeap! Of course!

There are 2 different ways to give access or add new members to a chatroom. By Username (handpicked one by one), or by Role ( pick a role and all the users with that specific role will have access to that room).

So lets see step by step how can you do it with few clicks!

This option is available only on Private Chats not in Public ones.

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Find the Chatrooms tab
  • Now you can see all the available chatrooms, pick the one you want and click on “Modify”.
  • Click on “Chatroom Members
  • Click on “+Add”
  • And then you have 2 options: add someone by username, or add a role with all the members coming with it.
  • So depending the case you can either choose by Username or by Role.

Choosing by username will be handpicked one by one, and by role a bulk option for more than one users.

Add a user using the username.
  • Write the username on the search bar and press the “+” to add the user
  • You can be 100% sure about it by checking if the user appears on that list:
  • You can of course remove the user by pressing the red “Delete” button.

If you do it by role, you will have a drop down menu if all the roles like this:

  • Pick up one and press “Save”

And you are done!

Again to make your self 100% sure you will see that the role is added on the list like this: